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About Celebrate Great Falls

Nearly 20 years ago, a small, local, nonprofit organization called The Brogue Charities was founded with two simple goals: helping local citizens in need and putting money back into the community for projects and events that were strictly local, such as the annual July 4th fireworks, which it soon became instrumental in keeping alive. Through the years, that little nonprofit evolved into the Great Falls Charitable Foundation, donating over $500,000 to our local schools, numerous community projects, and the Freedom Memorial, among others. As our community grew, so did the organization’s “to do” list. As a reflection of that growth and an ever-expanding focus on keeping it local, the nonprofit is now called the Celebrate Great Falls Foundation.

Celebrate Great Falls Foundation – a new name for the well-established community organization you know so well. And the new name reflects a mission that is both the same and yet expanded.

Celebrate Great Falls Foundation Board Members

  • Glynis Canto
  • Bev Lane
  • Malou Rennert
  • Katie Simmons
  • Barbara Morehouse
  • Matt Matay
  • Eamon McCrann
  • Frank Pieruccini


Erin Lobato, Director

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About Us